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Announcing a new name for Aston OD

Frequently Asked Questions


About the name change


Q: What is your new name?
A: Our full name will change from Aston Organisation Development to Affina Organisation Development but we’ll shorten it to AOD for day-to-day use.

Q: When are you changing your name?
A: We become AOD on 19 March 2018.

Q: Why are you changing your name?
A: Affina means ‘to improve or refine’ and better reflects our work in improving team effectiveness. This new name also allows us to legally protect our online tools and programmes.

Q: Has the change come as a result of the acquisition of Aston OD by Skills for Care?
A: No, it was already in the plan before the acquisition and was prompted by the need to legally protect our tools and services as we continue to grow and develop.

Q: Do you have a new logo?
A: Yes, the new AOD logo will be used on all our online tools and supporting materials from 19 March.

Q: Will the names of the tools change?
A: Yes our flagship team tools will become the Affina Team Journey and Affina Team Performance Inventory (ATPI). Check the updated website for other name changes.

Q: Will you still base products and services on research findings and theoretical models?
A: Absolutely, an evidence-based approach is key to all our work now and in the future.


What I need to do


Q: Will you change your email address?
A: Our email addresses will change to the domain @affinaod.com and our homepage will become www.affinaod.com. Please replace previously-stored details with the new addresses and don’t forget to update bookmarks.

Q: What should I say to team leaders and teams on current programmes or those using the team journey?
A: Most people won’t notice the change but you might want to let current team journey users know. They will still see some Aston refs on templates and pdfs post re-brand but most of their journeys, including questionnaires/reports, will show the new name and logo.

Q: I am an accredited team coach/team facilitator. Do you have an updated accreditation logo that I can use on my email signature etc.?
A: Yes, we’ll send the logo to all recently accredited coaches and facilitators.

Q: Do I still log in to AOD Connect (previously Aston Connect) via the same url – aodsurveys.co.uk – and do I use the same login and password?
A: Yes, please log in to the usual url, using the same details as before. From 19 March you can also log in from any page on our website – just click the link in the website header.

Q: How does the change affect all the data stored within team journeys and/or on AOD Connect (previously Aston Connect)?
A: No change – everything will be available as before.

Q: Will there be any downtime whilst you change the name on your systems?
A: Yes, Aston Connect will be unavailable on Friday 16th March until Monday 19 March – all active users will be emailed about the downtime several days beforehand.

Q: Will you be changing the Team Journey Launchpad materials?
A: Yes, we will encourage Launchpad users to download updated materials direct from AOD Connect after 19 March.

Q: What happens if I am part way through a team journey activity or team assessment?
A: You don’t need to do anything – the questionnaire will run as normal. After 19 March, reminder emails and reports will be branded AOD. The helpdesk email address will change to helpdesk@affinaod.com.

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