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About Us

We are Affina Organisation Development (AOD), pioneers of team based working for health and social care since 2003

Helping your teams to improve performance is challenging.

Those tasked with developing team working often struggle with limited resources and constant change.

But the evidence is overwhelming, collective team based working is key to high quality and compassionate care.

That’s why we apply the inspirational research of Michael West and colleagues to shape day-to-day practice in many settings, including the NHS.

Our tools help teams to gain new insights and actions they can apply immediately to keep improving and achieving their goals.

As part of the Skills for Care Group, we are also well-placed to meet the challenges of team working across boundaries as the integration of health and social care gains pace.

What we do:

Our aim is to create sustainable change through the implementation of team based working. We design and implement effective strategies for improving organisational performance.

  • We give you the team tools and techniques you need – evidence-based, sustainable and affordable
  • We train and accredit your people to use our team tools and support your teams in-house
  • We collaborate with research partners to increase the knowledge base around team effectiveness

Individual Team Development

Improve team effectiveness through in-depth direct support of selected teams
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Affina Team Journey

Improve performance across your organisation by giving your team leaders a practical 'tool-kit' they will value and enjoy
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Assessment Training

Take your work with teams to the next level as an accredited ATPI facilitator
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