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The AOD Approach

Our work with clients is firmly grounded upon the following principles:

  • Evidence-based – our diagnostic tools and training materials are based on research findings from the fields of organisational psychology, social psychology and positive psychology.
  • Outcome focussed – our consultancy and training interventions are tailored to achieve specific organisational, team and individual goals.
  • Excellence – we aim for the highest standards in all that we do – we only work in areas in which we have personal expertise and robust knowledge.
  • Developing in-house competency – we transfer ownership and delivery of training and development programmes to our clients as quickly as possible. It is never our aim to develop “consultant dependency”.
  • Partnership – we aim to develop long-term relationships with organisations that use our materials, creating opportunities for mutual learning and development about the dimensions of organisational effectiveness and employee well-being.
  • Collaboration – we aim to collaborate rather than compete with others in the field of organisational development and research in order to increase the knowledge base and provide the best possible development solutions.

To discuss your consultancy and training needs, contact us by email or call us on 01252 727270.

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