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Events Diary

Conferences and Seminars

Making Medway Brilliant Staff Conference

Michael West on the impact of staff engagement on clinical outcomes and restoring the joy in work

Where: Gillingham
When: 22nd May 2019

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HPMA National Conference 2019: Future Thinking

Join our workstream at 13.40 on 6th June: 'Leading teams: practical experiences of developing effective team-based working in health and care' - a case study of practice from Joanne Davidson, Associate Director of Workforce, Organisational Effectiveness & Learning, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust (@joanneclaudia) with AOD's Sarah-Jane Dale (@SarahJane_AOD)  

Where: Hilton Deansgate, Manchester
When: 6th June 2019 to 7th June 2019

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Shetland Health Board Leadership Week

A week of 'leadership matters' activities. Lots of sessions open to everyone in the Shetland community. Includes AOD's Sarah-Jane Dale (@SarahJane_AOD) and a keynote presentation from Professor Michael West (@WestM61)

Where: Shetland
When: 17th June 2019 to 21st June

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The King’s Fund: Ninth annual leadership and management summit

Ninth annual leadership and management summit: compassionate and inclusive leadership in action. For this conference AOD joins group company, Skills for Care, to support an agenda which includes a focus on the role of teams in health care and practice of ‘real’ team work.

Where: London
When: 10th July 2019

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Training Programmes

AOD Team Assessment Accreditation Programme

Two day open programme

Where: London
When: 18th July 2019 to 19th July 2019

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Team Assessment

Measure how well your teams are working and in which key areas they need to develop
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Affina Team Journey

Improve performance by giving your team leaders a practical 'tool-kit' they will value and enjoy
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Training and Support

Take your work with teams to the next level as an accredited facilitator or coach
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