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Christine Hamilton

Christine Hamilton

Senior Consultant

I am an Occupational and Coaching Psychologist specialising in leadership development and one-to-one and team coaching for performance improvement and wellbeing. I’m also currently Chair of the Division of Occupational Psychology (Scotland), where we are very keen to form communities of applied practice in evidence based approaches, organisational development and assessment. It is an exciting time in Scotland at the moment and we are working closely with other professional bodies to provide occupational psychology responses to substantial organisational issues such as the care of vulnerable patients.

I’m delighted to lead AOD’s work in Scotland where interest in our approach is growing across the Health Boards and in Government. I am enjoying our many conversations with those who are interested in improving organisational performance and staff engagement through the team based working approach. Working with Lynn on a number of programmes and workshops in Grampian and Highland Health Boards and for the Institute of Health Care Management (IHM) is a superb way to enable a large number of managers to become familiar with the key team development concepts. It was a natural choice to work with AOD, since I’ve tailored evidence-based management and leadership tools in my programme design for many years.

After studying Psychology at Cardiff, I returned to Scotland to cut my teeth on a wide range of organisational interventions and projects from graduate management and leadership development to multi-professional and multi-organisational working. Later I held Head of OD roles at a number of Scottish Health Boards and became a Leadership Development Consultant with a national remit. Most recently I co-designed the ‘Here Today’ transitions programme for individuals facing or leading others through major change. I am currently working with senior teams and entire service teams in the NHS and local government, who require a wide range of group and team working interventions and pathways. These range from establishing the shared team vision to overcoming major inter-team dynamics. I co-founded a peer supervision group in coaching psychology.

I use a pragmatic combination of psycho dynamic approaches, coaching psychology and neuropsychology in my coaching work. Don’t be alarmed! It’s all about working with people who want to improve or regain their performance, motivation and wellbeing.

At a glance:
Qualified in 1 to 1 Business Coaching & Coaching Psychology; currently undertaking Team Coaching qualification programme; Accredited in: SHL’s OPQ; OPP’s FIRO B, MBTI, CPI, Saville’s WAVE; Knight Chapman tools, the Hogan suite; Chartered member of CIPD; Registered Occupational Psychologis; Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

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