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Dr Jeanne Hardacre


Since my earliest days working in the NHS over 20 years ago, I have been convinced that the way people behave together in the workplace makes a real difference to what they can achieve for the people they serve. Only in recent years has the evidence base for this grown and developed into a compelling body of knowledge. One of the things I love about my work with AOD is that it translates this research base into a practical set of approaches.

Of all the organisations I have worked with during my career. AOD stands out for me as the one which really practises what it preaches. AOD colleagues are impact-oriented, reflexive practitioners and genuinely caring, considerate and compassionate people.

I started my career as a graduate NHS management trainee, soon discovering that people development rather than general management was my passion. After several years in operational management jobs, I took up a range of training and development roles, latterly as Head of Education & Development at a large mental health trust. I moved to the Health Services Management Centre at the University of Birmingham where I led the unit’s leadership development work in the NHS, combining post-graduate teaching, research and consultancy.

I have been an independent consultant since 2004, with a wide-ranging portfolio of design, delivery and evaluation work at a local and national level. I combine coaching with action learning, team development, organisational development and multi-agency systems development. Underpinning my work is an emphasis on organisations as social systems, with the most fruitful possibilities for sustained improvement and change lying in the relationships and interactions between people.

I had the opportunity in 2008 to undertake a PhD at Warwick Medical School, researching links between leadership behaviours and service improvement in the NHS.

I live in Sheffield with my family and I love hiking and cycling the gorgeous Peak District. I also love to dance and to write, though not at the same time!

At a glance:
PhD Health Sciences; MSc Organisation Development, OD Associate, Centre for Innovation in Health Management, University of Leeds Business School; ; Associate, Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham, Chartered Member CIPD, Level A in Psychometric Testing (MBTI, OPQ), Certified Oshry facilitator.

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