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Lynn Markiewicz

Senior Consultant

I am a team based working specialist, passionate about creating positive cultures in health and social care organisations.

I co-founded AOD with Michael in 2003 based on our shared vision for using what we know about effective team working to improve patient outcomes and staff well-being.

After supporting AOD’s transition to the Skills for Care group, I now spend my time delivering programmes in the NHS – sharing knowledge and skills with the growing number of in-house AOD Team Coaches.

It’s been a real pleasure to see the way in which AOD’s credibility and reputation for integrity has grown and to work with some wonderfully supportive colleagues. AOD’s motivation has always been to enable its clients to develop their own capacity to create positive, sustainable team based working cultures.

My early career focused on learning, development and OD consulting. Clients and employers included IBM, Tube Investments, Guide Dogs for the Blind, BP, Texaco, BT, O2 and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Michael and I co-authored Building Team Based Working back in 2004.

I’ve since worked in over 60 NHS trusts and healthcare organisations. I’m personally committed to every client and very keen to share experience with all enthusiasts of team working, positive psychology and human flourishing.

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