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AOD Connect Guidance

The following pages guide you through using team assessment tools and team journeys on the AOD Connect system.

If you are new to AOD Connect watch our videos about logging in, registering and administering assessment tools

Log in to AOD Connect at aodsurveys.co.uk

When you first log in you will see a screen similar this.


Select here for a list of FAQs

Assessment tools users

From the Manage team assessments tab you are able to: 

Account details

From the Account details tab you are able to:

Team Journey Users

If you require further assistance please contact helpdesk@affinaod.com

Team Assessment

Measure how well your teams are working and in which key areas they need to develop
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Affina Team Journey

Improve performance by giving your team leaders a practical 'tool-kit' they will value and enjoy
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Training and Support

Take your work with teams to the next level as an accredited facilitator or coach
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