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Delete a team assessment registration

An ARTP+ or ATPI assessment can only be deleted if the report has not yet been run.

Please note this will incur a credit cancellation fee.

  1. From the ‘Manage Team Assessments’ tab, select the blue link to ‘Manage your team assessments here’.
  2. Locate the relevant team registration in the list of your assessments. Remember you can facilitate your search by using the arrows to the right of each column header to sort the assessments as required or use the search box at the top right of the list.
  3. Select the red cross symbol cross to the right of the registration you wish to delete.
  4. The details of the administration and the cancellation fee will be displayed.
  5. Select ‘Yes’ if you wish to go ahead with the deletion.
  6. The registration will be cancelled, and will no longer appear on the list of your assessments. Your organisation will be refunded the credit cost of the assessment LESS the cancellation fee.

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