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Register a team to complete the ARTP+ or ATPI assessment

Getting started

  1. From the ‘Manage Team Assessments’ tab, select the blue link to ‘Manage your team assessments here’.
  2.  Select the orange ‘Create a new assessment’ button above the list of assessments.
  3. Select the Affina Real Team Profile Plus (ARTP+) or the Affina Team Performance Inventory (ATPI) as appropriate from the list of available assessment tools using the orange ‘select’ button to begin the simple 6 step registration process.

Registering the team

Step 1 – Team details
Step 2 – Subgroups
Step 3 – Team members
Step 4 – Team Type
Step 5 – Invitation email
Step 6 – Confirmation

Step 1 of 6 – Team details

Complete the team details as requested.

Organisation name The organisation name field will be pre-populated. However, you are able to edit this if required, for example if the team belongs to a different organsiation.  The organsiation named here will appear on the report.
Team name The team name will be included in the email which is sent to team members to invite them to complete the questionnaire (invitation email), and also on the final reports. We advise you make it as specific as possible to ensure team members receiving the email know which team you want them to think about when completing the questionnaire.  We also advise that the team name includes the word ‘team’ for clarity to team members.
Team leader name The team leader name will be included in the invitation email. If your team has more than one leader, for example if there is a job share arrangement, you may enter both names here.
Facilitator Name (ARTP+ only) These fields will be pre-populated with your details. However if you are registering this assessment on behalf of another facilitator, enter their name and contact details in place of your own. These details will appear as the sign off at the end of the invitation email.
Facilitator Contact details (ARTP+ only)
First or Repeat administration of this team Confirm whether this is the first assessment you are facilitating for this team and this assessment type ( ARTP+ or ATPI), or whether it is a repeat administration of the team assessment. Selecting ‘Repeat administration’ will produce a team report which shows the current team scores, and the scores from the previous administration.
Number of people in the team Enter the total number of people in the team, including any team members who will not participate in the assessment (for example those on long term asbsence).
Number of people participating in the assessment This is the number of people in the team minus those who will not be invited to respond (for example those currently absent from the team)
A team must have a minimum of 3 participating members to allow a report to be produced.
Date for invitations to be sent Enter the date for the invitation email to be sent either by manual entry using the format DD/MM/YYYY or by selecting the date from the calendar. If you enter today’s date your invitations will be sent immediately after you confirm the registration (step 6 of 6). Otherwise, invitations are sent at 7am UK time on your chosen date.
Closing date for responses Enter the closing date for responses either by manual entry using the format DD/MM/YYYY or by selecting the date from the calendar. We recommend that initially you give team members 10 working days to respond to the questionnaire. If necessary, you can change the closing date once your assessment is underway.


Select submit to continue to the next step.

Note: Once you have submitted at this stage, the registration is saved as a partial registration. If you close the web page the details entered so far will not be lost. Partially completed registrations are identified by the warning triangle symbol  warning_triangle on the list of assessments screen.

Step 1 of 6 continued – Previous administrations

  1. If you have registered this assessment as a repeat administration of this team, a list of complete ARTP+ or ATPI (as applicable) assessments previously facilitated by you will be displayed.
  2. Select the previous assessment against which this administration is to be compared, using the orange button. It is important to ensure that you select the correct first administration.

Note: If you have registered this assessment as a first administration, this screen is not displayed.
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Step 2 of 6 – Sub-groups

If your team can be divided into one or more sub-groups, you may wish to create sub-group reports in addition to the complete team profile report at the end of the assessment. Sub-group reports are charged at an additional cost of 2 credits each for an ARTP+ assessment and 3 credits each for an ATPI assessment, deducted at the time of reporting. If you do not wish to create sub-group reports or if there are no sub-groups within the team, it is not necessary to enter sub-group names at this stage. Leave the fields blank, and use the orange submit button to proceed to the next stage.

If you are completing a repeat administration of an assessment for a team that previously used subgroups, the subgroups are automatically imported from the previous assessment to this screen.  It is important that you do not change the sub-group name or the order in which they appear to ensure a meaningful comparison.

However, if the original assessment did not include sub-groups, you may add them for the repeat administration.

Sub-groups may contain any number of team members, however, as with all our assessment tools, reports can only be produced when at least 3 questionnaire responses have been received. Read our FAQs for more detailed information on sub-groups.

Adding sub-groups

  1. Enter the sub-group name(s) into the fields provided, making a note of the associated sub-group number. (You will need this for the next stage of the process if you wish to upload the team members by CSV rather than entering them manually.)
  2. Select submit to continue to the next step.

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Step 3 of 6 – Team members

The team member details that you add during this step are used to both send and generate the content of the invitation email, which will be sent inviting team members to complete the questionnaire. You can either add team members individually by completing the online form, or upload team members directly to the registration using a CSV file.

Add team members individually

  1. Enter the name and email address for each team member that is participating in the assessment and select the appropriate sub-group from the drop down menu where relevant.
  2. If there are team members who are not participating in the survey, enter their name and select ‘Not Participating’ from the sub-group coding drop down menu.

Add team members by uploading a csv file

If the team has a large number of members, you may prefer to create a CSV (comma delimited) file containing their details, to upload directly to the registration.

  1. Select ‘Download a template’ to open a CSV (comma delimited) file to complete with your team member details.
  1. Type or copy and paste the names and email addresses of all the team members that are participating in the assessment into the appropriate columns, remember to delete or overwrite the example data in the file.
  2. If you are using sub-groups, enter the number which corresponds to the relevant sub-group in to column C (if you did not note this down, simply select the orange back button to return to the previous screen to verify the sub-group coding.)
  3. If you are not using sub-groups, enter a 1 in column C for each team member.
  4. If there are team members who are not participating in the survey, enter their name and place an X in the sub-group column, you do not need to enter their email address.
  5. Name and save the file, remembering to retain the CSV comma delimited file type.
  6. Select Choose File and navigate to where you have saved the file. Select the CSV file and then upload.
  1. Check the team members have been uploaded to the screen as expected, and select submit to continue to the next step.

Trouble shooting: If the csv file does not load, check the spreadsheet for missing or duplicate data, errors in email addresses and spaces at the end of email addresses. In addition, delete columns to the right of and rows below your data which may have previously contained data, which has been removed. Resave the file as a spreadsheet and then as a CSV file.
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Step 4 of 6 – Team Type

  1. Use the + symbol to expand the relevant category in order to select an appropriate description of your team type.


  1. If an appropriate description is not available, select ‘other’ within the relevant category, and provide a description of your team type in the box which appears.


Note: The above steps (1 and 2) are mandatory for ATPI assessment registrations only, where the team type selected is used to determine the comparison group against which the team will be compared. You do not need to complete this field for the ARTP+.

  1. Confirm whether your team is Uni-disciplinary (made up of people from one professional group only) or Multi-disciplinary (made up of people from more than one professional group) by selecting the appropriate check box. This step is mandatory for both an ARTP+ and an ATPI registration.
  1. Select submit to continue to the next step.

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Step 5 of 6 – Invitation email

A copy of the email, which will be sent to participating team members inviting them to complete the ARTP+ or ATPI questionnaire is displayed on this screen. You have the option to edit the first paragraph of the email. We strongly recommend that you add relevant and specific information here to encourage team members to respond. You may want to say why the assessment is being carried out e.g. ‘to enable the team to identify specific development needs’ or to describe the context e.g. ‘Following service restructure last year we want to know how well you think the team is working’.

  1. Edit the first paragraph as required.
  2. Select submit to continue to the next step.

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Step 6 of 6 – Confirm your team assessment

A summary of the details you have registered is displayed.

Check carefully that the details are correct.

To make any changes, select the orange back button to return to the appropriate screen and make the necessary changes.

Once you are happy to proceed, read through the terms and conditions at the bottom of the screen and check the box to confirm that you agree to them. (You may also cancel the registration at this stage.)

Select confirm to submit your registration.

Your registration is now complete. You will receive a system generated email confirming details of your ARTP+ or ATPI assessment, and a confirmation screen will be displayed which provides your unique ID.

The cost of the assessment will be deducted from your organisation’s credit total at this point. Sub-groups reports are charged at the time of reporting.

Select ‘home’ from the grey menu bar to return to the welcome screen, the orange button to return to the list of your assessments, or ‘log out’ at the top right.
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