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  1. Select the blue highlighted link to ‘Manage your team assessments here’, a list of your assessments will be displayed. If you are a new user, this list will be blank until you have registered your first team assessment tool.


  1. Once you begin registering assessments, they will appear on this list. The default display shows all assessments created by you within the last 12 months. You are able to customise the display using the drop down menus above the table to view assessments registered over a shorter or longer time period, and also to view assessments created by other facilitators within your organisation.

Note: You are only able to view summary information about team assessments created by other facilitators within your organisation.

  1. To search for a specific record in the list of assessments, type your search term (for example Team name or Team Leader) into the search box and the all assessment records including this term, in any column, will be displayed in the table. The search takes place within the display settings defined (see point 2).
  2. You also have the ability to sort the contents of the table using the arrows to the right of each column header , and can export the data to excel or other spreadsheets by using the copy button.
  3. All assessment administration actions are initiated from this screen.



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