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Organisation Administrator Guidance

The role of the Organisation Administrator

As the Organisation Administrator you will be able to:

  • See an overview of the AOD development tools that your organisation is using
  • Create and manage Affina Team Journey log-ins for Team Leaders
  • View Team Assessments that have been created by facilitators within your organisation where appropriate
  • Monitor the use of credits which have been bought by the organisation to pay for AOD tools

Logging in to AOD Connect as an Organisation Administrator

If you are an existing user of the AOD Connect site: log-in in the usual way.

If you are a new user of the AOD Connect site:  go to the invitation email you have received where you will find:

  • Log-in details
  • Temporary password
  • A link to a video which will help you with the initial log-in process

See Logging in for the first time for more information.

Your entry screen will look like this:


Choose ‘My Team Journeys’ to enter your own team journey(s) or, as Organisation administrator, select one of the other tabs as appropriate.

Manage Team Journeys

From the Manage Team Journeys tab select the blue highlighted link ‘Manage Team Journeys here’.

The ‘Team Journeys’ screen will display.

From this screen you are able to:

Look out for ‘helpful hints’ which may appear in a pale blue box at the top of your screen when you place your cursor in a text box.

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