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Create a new team journey for a new user

Organisation Administrator Guidance

Use this option to create a new team journey where the team leader has not previously led a different team through a team journey OR facilitated assessment tools using a login to access the AOD Connect site.

Note: If the user’s email address already exists on the site a message will be displayed when you select Submit.

  1. Click on ‘Manage Team Journeys’ to display the ‘Team Journeys’ screen

  1. Choose ‘Create a new team journey for a new user’ to display the following screen:

  1. Enter the name of the group to which this team belongs: for example a Directorate, Service or teams led by a group of Team Leaders who are on a Team Development training programme.
  2. Enter the team name: We recommend that you enter the name as ‘Please change’ and allow the Team Leader to enter the team name for accuracy.
  3. Enter Team Leader’s name and Team Leader’s email address: The name and address that you enter here can be altered by you until the user logs in using their temporary password, after which only they can edit their address and half of their name.
  4. Select a Team Coach: If no name appears in the authorised Team Coach list contact AOD Connect at helpdesk@affinaod.com or 01252 727270 Mon-Fri 9am – 4.30pm UK time
  5. Select the Team Journey type: the list which appears contains all the versions of the Team Journey that your organisation is authorised to use at this time. Once selected you cannot change the Team Journey type.

Note:  If other, now unavailable, versions of the Team Journey are in use in your organisation you will be able to view these in the Manage Team Journeys overview screen but you will not be able to create new Team Journeys using an unavailable version.

  1. Select ‘Submit’.
  2. Read the caution and select ‘Cancel or ‘Confirm’ to create the new user and their team journey.
  3. The Team Leader will receive an email containing access details and when logged in they will have access to their journey.
  4. Your ‘Credits available’ balance will be reduced immediately.

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