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Import new team leaders from a CSV file

Organisation Administrator Guidance

Choose this option to create a number of new users on the AOD Connect site.  This option can be used only for new users.  For existing users see Create a new team journey for an existing user.

  1. Select ‘Manage Team Journeys’ to display the ‘Team Journeys’ screen

  1. Choose ‘Import new team leaders from CSV’ to reveal the following screen:

create team journeys CSV

  1. Select ‘Download a sample CSV (comma delimited) data file’

team leader csv

Note:  Ensure  that you delete  the example data

  1. Enter the group name for each new team leader: this might be the same for all the leaders in the list or different.
  2. Type or copy and paste the names and email addresses of all the new users into the appropriate columns.
  3. Enter the name and email address of an accredited team coach for each team journey leader.  Each team leader may have a different coach.

Note:  To check who is an accredited coach within your organisation, use the back button to return momentarily to the previous screen and select ‘Create a new team journey for a new user’. Use the ‘Coach’ drop down menu to view the names listed.

  1. Name and save the file on your computer, remembering to retain the CSV comma delimited file type.
  2. Select ‘Browse’ and navigate to where you have saved the file.
  3. Select the CSV file and then upload.
  4. Select the ‘Team journey type’ from the dropdown menu. All of the team journeys created for leaders in the CSV file must have the same team journey type.
  5. Read the caution and select ‘Cancel’ or ‘Confirm’ to create the new team users and their team journeys.
  6. Team Leaders will each receive an email containing access details and when logged in they will have access to their team journey.

Trouble shooting: If the CSV file does not load, try the following:

  • Check the spreadsheet for missing or duplicated data
  • Check for errors in email addresses and spaces at the end of email addresses
  • Delete columns to the right of and rows below your data which may previously have contained data
  • Resave the file as a spreadsheet and then as a CSV file and reload.
  • If an individual leader listed on a spreadsheet is rejected their name or the line number in the CSV file will be notified on your screen.  Use the guidelines to ‘Create a new team journey for a new user’ to register this individual.

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