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Further information about the Manage team journeys screen

Organisation Administrator Guidance

Clock – progress symbol

The clock symbol clock is displayed next to the ID number when the Team Journey is in the process of being created.

Important: Whilst the clock is displayed do not attempt to access the Team Journey.

When the clock disappears the Team Leader will be sent a notification email to advise that the team journey has been registered.

Yellow warning triangle

A yellow warning triangle warning_triangle next to the ID number indicates that there has been a problem with the creation of the team journey.

Contact the AOD Connect Helpdesk at helpdesk@affinaod.com or 01252 727270 Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm (UK time).

Login tick box

The ‘access team journey’ symbol access_user_login  enables you to access a leader’s journey as if you are the team leader. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to access the team journey.

Take great care not to prematurely create any reports that the team leader has not yet reported without their knowledge as this action will lock that activity.

When you have finished viewing the details of this team journey, log out in the usual way.

You will need to close your browser before re-entering the system.

Note:  The team leader may not be aware that you have entered their team journey but the system logs will reflect that you as the Organisation Administrator have accessed their login and will have recorded any action taken by you.

Magnifying glass

The magnifying glass symbol magnifying  allows you to quickly scan the activity in a team journey without actually accessing that journey.

At the top left of the screen is the % of the journey this team has completed, the activity that the leader most recently visited and when.

The top panel displays interactive team activities (recorded as ‘Live’ ‘Reported’ or ‘Historic’ – if they have been repeated).

Tick the box to the left of a Reported or Historic activity and select ‘Create reports’ to view an existing report. The ‘Reported date’ will change to the current date and the audit logs will record what you have done.

The central box displays notes that the leader has made in jotter boxes.

The final panel shows any uploaded images or completed templates.  To see the content select ‘Click to view’.

Important: Do not be tempted to create a report for any ‘Live’ activities without the team leader’s knowledge as the activity will become locked and no further responses will be allowed.

Pencil symbol

The pencil symbol editIcon allows you to edit the details of the team journey.

If the user has never previously logged into any aspect of the AOD Connect site you are able to edit the details with the exception of the user’s name.

If your edit includes the amendment of an error in the email address, after making your correction, use the envelope symbol to resend the initial login details, including the temporary password, to the new user.

If the user has previously logged into their AOD Connect account you cannot edit their email address. Only they can do this from within their team journey, where they can amend their email address and one half of their name.

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