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Transfer a team journey to an existing user

Organisation Administrator Guidance

Use this option when the leadership of a team journey has changed and the new leader already has an AOD Connect login.

  1. Select ‘Manage Team Journeys’ to display the ‘Team Journeys’ screen
  2. Select the transfer symbol arrow_switch to the right of the particular journey to be moved.
  3. The following screen will display showing all existing users within the organisation.

transfer team journey existing user

  1. Select the green plus symbol add to the right of the new leader of the team.
  2. Select ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from the next screen to affect the transfer.
  3. If the new team leader’s name does not appear in the list of existing users, it is because they do not have an existing login. Select ‘Back’ to return to the Manage Team Journeys overview and use the orange ‘Transfer team journey to a new user’ option.

There is no credit fee to transfer journeys between leaders. Next time the new leader of the team logs into AOD Connect, this team will appear in their list of teams.

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