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Transfer an existing team journey to a new user

Organisation Administrator Guidance

Choose this option if the new leader of the team journey has not previously had login access to the AOD Connect site for any purpose, including the use of assessment tools.

  1. Select ‘Manage Team Journeys’ to display the ‘Team Journeys’ screen

  1. Choose ‘Transfer an existing team journey to a new user’ to reveal the following screen:

  1. Choose the team journey you wish to transfer to a new leader by selecting the transfer symbol arrow_switch to the right of it.

The details of the previous leader are displayed and cannot be amended.

  1. Enter the new Team Leader’s name and Team Leader’s email address: The name and address that you enter here can be altered by you only until the user logs in using their temporary password, after which only the Team Leader can make changes.
  2. Select ‘Submit’.  The transfer will be made.
  3. The new team leader’s details will be displayed for this team journey on the ‘Manage Team Journeys’ overview screen.

There is no credit fee to transfer journeys between leaders. When the new leader of the team logs into AOD Connect, this team will appear in their list of teams.

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