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Team Coach Guidance

When your Team Journey user status is amended from Team Leader to Team Coach, you will see that a tab called ‘Manage Team Journeys’ has been added to your options.

  • Select ‘My Team Journeys’ to enter your own team journey(s)
  • Select ‘Manage Team Journeys’ to view the team journeys of leaders for whom you are the nominated coach

If you are a coach in more than one organisation, you must first select the organisation you wish to work with.

Note: You are only able to enter your own team journey from your ‘home’ organisation.

Manage Team Journeys


  • Show entries: enables you to edit the number of team journeys displayed on the page at any one time.
  • Search : enables you to enter any term that is used in part or in full, eg an ID code, a partial team leader name or email address to help find a specific journey.
  • Copy: enables you to copy the details of all your coachees’ team journeys in this organisation and paste them into a file, eg Excel, for manipulation or inclusion in documents.

Columns visible in the ‘Manage Team Journeys’ overview screen

To the side of every column heading is a small up/down arrow. This enables you to sort the table of data in the overview according to the column heading.

Starting from the left, the columns are:

Unique team journey ID number: assigned by the system upon creation of the journey

Group name: the group name is given by the Organisation Administrator when registering each team journey and might be, for example, the name of a Directorate, Service or the teams led by a group of Team Leaders who are on a Team Development training programme.

Team name: upon creation, the team name will normally have been entered as ‘Please change’ and should be edited only by the Team Leader to ensure accuracy.  The leader will be obliged by the system to amend the team name as soon as start to enter their team member details

Team Journey type: indicates the team journey version used at registration.

Team Leader’s name and email address: entered by the Organisation Administrator and editable only by the Team Leader.  If leadership of the team changes, the organisation administrator should be asked to transfer the team journey to the new team leader.

Is Coach: Y indicates that the team journey leader is themselves also a team coach. N indicates that they are not. Only the AOD Connect Helpdesk can update this field.

% complete: indicates the percentage of activities completed in each team journey. The percentage will change only when activities are completed. It will not reflect any live assessments that have not yet been reported.

Coach name: will be your name. If the named Coach for a particular journey is changed, that journey will no longer appear in your list of coachees.

Last used: normally by the team journey leader, but the date will also be updated if you as the team coach or the organisation administrator log into a journey via the symbol and the audit logs will record any action taken.

Created: the date that each team journey was first registered.

Access team journey access_user_login : enables you to access a leader’s journey as if you are that leader. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to access the team journey. If you choose this option you will be able to view their team journeys and ‘Activity Review’ and take actions exactly as if it were your own journey, but take great care not to prematurely create any reports that the team leader has not yet reported without their knowledge as this action will lock the activity.

When you leave a coachee’s journey you must log out then close the browser before reopening it to login again with your own ID. If you try to log back in without closing your browser you will receive a message telling you that ‘You are not authorised for this action’

Note:  The team leader may not be aware that you have entered their team journey but the system logs will reflect that you as the team coach have accessed their login and will have recorded any action taken by you.

Magnifying glass magnifying  : allows you to quickly scan the activity in a team journey without actually accessing that journey.

At the top left of the screen is the % of the journey this team has completed, the activity that the leader most recently visited and when.

The top panel displays interactive team activities (recorded as ‘Live’ ‘Reported’ or ‘Historic’ – if they have been repeated).

Tick the box to the left of a Reported or Historic activity and select ‘Create reports’ to view an existing report. The ‘Reported date’ will change to the current date and the audit logs will record what you have done.

The central box displays notes that the leader has made in jotter boxes.

The final panel shows any uploaded images or completed templates.  To see the content select ‘Click to view’.

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