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12 factors influencing success in team-based organisation development

by Lynn Markiewicz


7 December 2017

Given the buzz around multi-disciplinary and partnership working, why then are so few organisations successful in establishing the effective team working we need for future models of health and social care?

A look at how high-performing organisations approach team based working might help to answer that question. Four areas — culture, strategy, enablement and review — are fundamental to fostering effective team development and reaping the benefits it brings.

Team Based Working Success Factors

12 critical success factors in team-based development interventions


  • Culture – The aim is to establish a collective team based working culture, where decisions are made by teams at the closest possible point to the patient, client or service user; and to create the expectation of sharing across boundaries. It’s important that teams do not simply rely on their leader – team development is the responsibility of the team leader and the team working together.
  • Strategy – The best strategies see team development percolating into every area of the organisation’s work; volume and pace are essential and the organisation aligns development to important organisational outcomes.
  • Enablement – To make progress, team leaders must be given sufficient time and the right tools to enable development and skilled team coaches should be available to support them as they undergo the work with their team. Senior leaders support and model the programme of work.
  • Review – Regular service level review of process and effect is essential and it’s important to celebrate and publicise success linked to valued outcomes. The best outcomes come from adapting the approach to ensure the maximum ‘ripple effect’ within and across organisations.

By addressing these factors upfront, organisations will be well-placed to achieve the benefits of team based working in terms of patient care, compassion, financial performance, errors, stress and almost every important measure of health service performance.

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