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What can you achieve through better team working in your organisation?

by Professor Michael West

4 October 2016



A recent study, “Saving Lives: A Meta-Analysis of Team Training in Health Care” found that team training can reduce patient deaths by 15 per cent and medical errors by 19 per cent. ¹

This US study confirms the findings of research in the NHS which has found significant relationships between team working, patient satisfaction, care quality, staff well-being and patient mortality:

  • Increasing the percentage of staff working in ‘real teams’ in acute hospitals in England is associated with a reduction of 3% in patient mortality. ²
  • Effective team working leads to higher levels of innovation in the delivery of patient care in primary care and community mental health teams. ³
  • Teams with clear team objectives, a commitment to learning and support for innovation have higher levels of patient satisfaction. ⁴
  • Good team working is associated with lower levels of errors, stress, injury, sickness absence, intention to quit and turnover, harassment and bullying from colleagues, and harassment and bullying from service users. ⁵
  • Good team working is associated with higher levels of staff satisfaction and engagement. ⁶

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