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Updating our benchmarking for 2019 and beyond

by Sarah-Jane Dale

13 June 2019

Anyone using our Affina Team Performance Inventory (ATPI) will hardly notice the change but behind the scenes, we’ve considerably improved the way we update the tool’s unique comparison groups.

So, this is a great opportunity to run through the benchmarking we do, how we do it and why we care about making comparisons in the first place.

ATPI benchmarking

The ATPI was first published in 2004 and continues to be one of the UK’s leading evidence-based assessments of team effectiveness. As a result, AOD maintains a large and continuously developing database containing 48 different comparison groups, each one aggregating the assessment scores from at least 30 comparable teams. That’s over 1500 teams in total!


How does it work?

When launching the ATPI, the assessor simply chooses the most relevant group from a list that includes: executive teams, senior management, first-line management, clinical and non-clinical service teams, and project teams.

In the ATPI report, it’s easy to see how the team compares on each of 52 dimensions on a scale from well below to well above average.

Why benchmarking helps?

Benchmarking is about understanding your performance relative to similar teams and drilling down into performance gaps to target team development.

It enables a mindset and culture of continuous improvement, allowing teams to overcome complacency and better understand what makes a high performing team.

Showing teams how their current performance compares to similar teams can be incentive to drive the engagement and innovation they need to exceed the average.

Are you ready to benchmark your team’s performance?

Check out the Affina Team Performance Inventory

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