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Developing high performing teams as a pivotal driver for Perfect Care

Mersey Care NHS Trust – 2016

The Trust wanted to support teams as a key driver for its ambitious Perfect Care agenda. 33 in-house coaches were trained and accredited to support up to 150 team leaders in three phases.


Why Team Based Working?

Mersey Care knew that the research evidence showed a clear link between team based working and some of the biggest issues it was trying to address – bank usage, sickness absence, inpatient length of stay and so on.

“We knew the evidence was there – we just needed to find a way to increase our own capacity to develop teams within our limited resources.” said Jo Davidson, Head of Organisational Effectiveness and Learning.

Mersey Care Team Coach ProgrammeThe Approach

As a Mental Health Trust which is reinvesting its financial resources in front-line care, estate and infrastructure, Mersey Care did not have the resources to invest in costly external coaching. It needed a team development solution that was sustainable, measurable and deliverable quickly at scale.

Mersey Care designed their programme around AOD team tools. Initially 33 clinicians and support staff were carefully selected to train and become accredited as AOD Team Coaches.

Forming an internal coaching service, this group was then responsible for introducing Mersey Care team leaders to the Affina Team Journey, an online tool-kit for improving team effectiveness which supports leaders in taking their teams on a journey to high performance.


Early results are promising with staff and patient experience metrics already improving for teams who are working on their team journey.

“We’ve found the Affina Team Journey really helps teams to think about their identity and purpose as well as encouraging them to deal with existing issues,” says Jo Davidson.

Work is ongoing to identify and track measures to evaluate progress in line with the Trust’s one, three and five year strategic planning cycles and demonstrate improvement for service users, carers and staff.

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Training and Support

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