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Developing the culture for sustainable, high quality, service provision through team based working

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde – 2016

The Health Board wanted to support leaders of the most senior teams. It enabled them to lead their own, newly formed teams to high performance whilst modelling the leadership culture they wished to embed.

Why Team Based Working?

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (GGC) is Scotland’s largest Health Board.

In 2014 it implemented a number of large-scale organisational changes. In acute services the movement of staff to the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital provided huge opportunity for new ways of working. In community health new partnership models provided equally exciting opportunities for service redesign through organisational integration. These two key areas of change increased scope for reconfiguration of corporate services.

The Health Board decided that if all the opportunities presented by the changes were to be realised, there needed to be a move to a more collective, collaborative leadership culture.

AOD designed a programme which provided support to leaders of the most senior teams in the Health Board. It enabled them to lead their own, newly formed teams to high performance whilst modelling the leadership culture they wished to embed within their services

Steps to effective team working

  • Team leaders lead their teams through a 10-stage structured programme of work-based activities.
  • Identifying the senior teams which were experiencing most change and which, through the development of effective team and cross-team working, would have most influence on the wider implementation of team based working.
  • Working with the executive team to refine and widen understanding of the new structure and team formations.
  • Working with the Heads of OD to ensure that the programme of work aligned with other OD plans.
  • Providing coaching to 17 senior leaders to enable them to lead the development of their teams.
  • Training all NHS GGC OD Advisers in the Affina Team Journey approach in order for them to support the wider roll-out of team development across the organisation.
  • Continuing to support the training of first line managers through the Ready to Lead ‘Effective Teams’ module.


Early results show improvement in team effectiveness and increased enthusiasm for proactive team development.

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