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Providing a framework for change by embedding team based working right across the organisation

North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust – 2015

An organisation-wide OD intervention trained 4 in-house coaches to support 151 team leaders. Results show tangible improvements in team effectiveness, including key indicators from the National NHS Staff Survey.


Why Team Based Working?

AOD began work with the executive team and the Board to support the development of a new vision for the future of the organisation based around an open, transparent and positive culture.

The Board and the executive team embraced the concept of team based working as a way to describe the culture required and to provide a framework for change throughout the organisation.

The Approach

The Trust’s key focus was to embed team based working throughout the organisation, addressing the following areas:

  • Working with the executive team to support their objective setting.
  • Enhancing in-house capacity by training 4 in-house Team Coaches to ensure sufficient support for team leaders to lead their teams through the Affina Team Journey activities.
  • Delivering a number of ‘action learning based’ workshops with team leaders to introduce them to the evidence base, to the principles of team based working and to the on-line tools available to support their team development.

“The AOD team was available to support staff from the Learning and Development function to tailor the Affina Team Journey to meet the Trust’s specific needs,” says Training Manager, Beverley Dawson.


There are tangible improvements across a range of team effectiveness criteria:

NSCH ARTP+ variance 1 and 2

Improvement in team assessment scores after 6 months (33 teams)

  • Reported levels of ‘real team working’, which predict sustainable team effectiveness over time, have increased.
  • Improvement on all team development metrics collected through the ARTP+ questionnaire.
  • Reported involvement in decision making by senior and middle managers has improved.
  • Levels of innovation reported by front-line teams have increased.
  • Results from the NHS Staff Survey – Download full North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare Case Study to see the improvements.



Recognising and celebrating the work that has been done so far
Embedding team development into the annual process for all teams
Enabling team leaders to incorporate team development as part of change management processes
Tailoring leadership development activities to address those aspect of team development that need strengthening
Using the Affina Team Journey to monitor and respond to trends and changes in culture
In-house support for teams to continue with their team journeys and to assist teams to overcome difficulties
North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust


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