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Direct support to improve the effectiveness of a newly-formed executive team

Scottish Water – 2016

The newly formed and high profile team was under pressure to achieve critical organisational outcomes.


The challenges facing a new team working on large-scale change

Scottish Water Capital Investment TeamPublicly-owned Scottish Water recently began a 6 year programme, which will see investment of £3.5 billion improvements to Scotland’s essential water and waste water infrastructure.

The senior leadership team charged with the planning and implementation of this ambitious programme was the newly formed Capital Investment Team.

Team leader, Geoff Aitkenhead, Executive Director of Capital Investment, explains: “This was a brand new team using a brand new business operating model with a very ambitious and challenging agenda ahead of us.”

Geoff recognised that this new and high profile team needed help to get established quickly and to attain a high level of effectiveness and influence, especially with regard to the crucial relationships between its Board and stakeholders such as the Scottish Government and the Water Regulator.

Read more about the approach taken and the results achieved.

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