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Sarah-Jane Dale to join our team as Chief Operating Officer

Sarah-Jane Dale, newly appointed COO at AOD

5th April 2018

Today, AOD is delighted to announce that Sarah-Jane Dale will join the team as Chief Operating Officer (COO), effective 8th May 2018.

As COO, Sarah-Jane will lead our team of five permanent employees and a growing number of talented associates as we continue to play a pivotal role in applying the research around team effectiveness to shape day-to-day practice in health and social care.

In her previous role as Skills for Care Head of Area for the South West, Sarah-Jane set a new industry standard developing the Skills for Care national leadership programme for the sector – Well-Led – and brings extensive experience in the design and delivery of learning and development programmes to her new role.

“As one of our most successful leaders, we couldn’t ask for a better candidate for COO than Sarah-Jane,” said Sharon Allen, AOD Board member. “We were looking for someone who could build on AOD’s unique place in the market as well as explore the challenges around inter-team working presented by increased integration of social care, health, and housing. Most importantly, we wanted a true team player. After all, we practise team based working for ourselves at AOD.”

Sarah-Jane said, “AOD serves an incredibly important market need in social care and health. I’ve always believed that high performing teams are key to great care and as the integration agenda gains pace, we must continue to find innovative ways to engage and develop teams working across boundaries. I am honoured to join AOD, and can’t wait to work with the team.”

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