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AOD Team Tools

We help you to improve performance through the development of effective team based working and positive organisational cultures.

Our tools are firmly based on leading global research into what we know about high performing teams – exactly the type of evidence base you would expect from a well-established and reliable approach.

Which Team Tool Do I Need?

Affina Team Journey

An online ‘tool-kit’ for team leaders across your entire workforce

  • Affina Team JourneyTeam assessment and development tool for team leaders to use with their teams.
  • Designed for teams of all types and at all levels
  • Clear ten-stage layout.
  • Teams work through the practical and interactive materials at their own pace.
  • Includes the Affina Real Team Profile Plus assessment tool.
  • In-house support keeps costs to a minimum.
  • Team coaches and managers track and support progress of teams in real time.
  • Used extensively in healthcare settings.


Affina Team Performance Inventory (ATPI)

The UK’s leading evidence-based assessment of team effectiveness

  • Powerful online assessment tool for measuring a team’s potential to deliver effective performance.
  • Developed by Professor Michael West and his research team.
  • Designed primarily for executive, management, senior professional and project teams.
  • Online questionnaire takes team members just 20 minutes to complete.
  • Comprehensive 14 page report shows how the team is working and compares team performance with other relevant teams.
  • Used in over 50 healthcare organisations across the UK to support the development of high performing teams.


The Affina Real Team Profile Plus (ARTP+)

An easy-to-use, robust and affordable tool for assessing individual or multiple teams

  • Online assessment tool for measuring team effectiveness.
  • Designed for teams of all types and at all levels
  • On-line questionnaire takes team members just 5 minutes to complete
  • A clear, visual one page team report indicates how the team is working and in which key areas it needs to develop.
  • Used with large numbers of teams to provide information about team working across an organisation
  • Particularly valuable following change or restructuring
  • Provides reassurance that appropriate structures and processes are in place for future success
  • Used extensively in healthcare settings.


The Affina Team Performance Toolkit

116 tried and tested team performance activities

  • Organised into the 18 team dimensions that research has shown to be most predictive of team effectiveness.
  • For each dimension there are a range of team activities.
  • Each activity can be used on its own, for example during a team meeting, or in combination with other related activities to form a longer team development session.
  • Suggestions for activity combinations are provided in the guidance notes for each activity.

Individual Team Development

Improve team effectiveness through in-depth direct support of selected teams
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Affina Team Journey

Improve performance across your organisation by giving your team leaders a practical 'tool-kit' they will value and enjoy
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Assessment Training

Take your work with teams to the next level as an accredited ATPI facilitator
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