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The Affina Team Journey

Improve performance by giving team leaders a structured, practical ‘tool-kit’ they will value and enjoy

Affina Team Journey - stages

The Affina Team Journey is an online team assessment and development tool for team leaders to use with their teams. It improves performance by giving teams a structured, evidence-based experience they will value and enjoy.

A clear, ten-stage layout enables teams to work through the practical and interactive materials at their own pace, usually in four to six months.

How it works:

Watch the Team Journey intro video for team leaders


For leaders and managers:

  • Lead your team through a 10 stage structured programme based around team discussion
  • Invite team members to provide feedback and use the reports to support team discussion
  • Work at your own pace using the evidence, examples, discussions, checklists, templates and tools

For HR, Org Dev, L&D professionals, coaches and consultants:

  • Provide your team leaders with structured tools and techniques to develop effective team working
  • View each team’s progress in real time and provide help and support where needed
  • Support teams in-house, keeping costs to a minimum and making ongoing management much easier

For health and social care organisations:

  • Improve performance system-wide through effective team and inter-team working.
  • Align team objectives and team climate to organisational aims and values.
  • Track progress and monitor ROI through regular reporting.


Our pricing is designed to support you in using our tools at scale. Only team leaders are assigned an online team journey which they then use to lead their teams through the structured programme.

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Standard / per team

For organisations with an in-house Affina Team Journey Coach
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Affina Team Journey



Training and Implementation

We work with you to identify the best way to embed the Affina Team Journey to achieve the organisation outcomes you want. Depending on the scale and pace of the intervention, we either train your staff to support team leaders in-house, work directly with your team leaders or work directly with the whole team.

Check out your options: Organisation Team Development

More resources

VIDEO: Watch our introductory video for team leaders

VIDEO: Watch Monika Cien, team leader at Manchester FT

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Affina Team Journey

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