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Culture Assessment

Supporting the development of organisational cultures that deliver high-quality care

There is conclusive evidence that a positive workplace culture has a significant impact on the delivery of high-quality, continuously improving, compassionate care.

The first stage in improving culture is to build a reliable picture of the current situation – what is working well and the areas that need to change. That’s where diagnostic tools can help. They provide a quick and easy way to gather reliable data from a large or disparate audience.

“For health care organisations to be good places in which to both work and receive compassionate, high-quality care, we need cultures that sustain high-quality care at multiple levels.”

Professor Michael West, Advisory Consultant AOD

Our Culture Assessment Tool measures the aspects of culture that the research evidence shows are directly related to organisational performance, care quality and service user satisfaction in health and social care. It can be used on its own, or in combination with a wider programme of support..


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