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Organisation Team Development

Collaborate, innovate and succeed using the Affina Team Journey

We work with you to identify the best way to embed the Affina Team Journey to foster a team-based working culture across your system or organisation

An evidence-based approach

All the evidence shows that where teams work well together, there are huge benefits in terms of quality of service, innovation, financial performance, errors, stress and almost every important measure of organisational performance.

We also know that achieving this measurable impact on performance requires a focused effort on team development. The aim is to create and sustain an organisational culture of team-based working, sharing learning and creating ripple effects. Scale and pace are essential. Teams need the right tools, protected time and a supportive environment to focus on their development.

Affina Team Journey

Central to our approach is the Affina Team Journey, an interactive team toolkit for team leaders to use with their teams. It improves performance by giving teams a structured, evidence-based experience everyone will value and enjoy.

Implementation and training

We work with you to identify the best way to embed the Affina Team Journey to achieve the organisation outcomes you want. While team development is the responsibility of the leader and the team working together, the best strategies provide as much support for team leaders as possible.

Choose the best strategic option based on your needs.

Team development is centred around the Affina Team Journey

Option 1: Affina Team Journey Coach Programme

We train your staff to support team leaders in-house

To embed team-based working cost-effectively at scale and pace, organisations need to develop capacity to support team development in-house. Our tried and tested coach programme does just that. Participants learn how to support team leaders as they work through the Affina Team Journey.

Option 2: Affina Team Journey LaunchPad

We work directly with your team leaders

For organisations with limited capacity to support teams in-house, this programme provides direct training, coaching and support for team leaders on the Affina Team Journey. We equip participants with a thorough knowledge of the principles and practice of team-based working and support them as they lead their teams on a journey to high performance.

Option 3: Direct in-depth support for selected teams

We work directly with the whole team

We also work directly with individual teams, using the team journey, where appropriate, as part of a comprehensive tailored package of assessment, development and support.

Individual Team Development & Coaching

Improve team effectiveness through in-depth direct support of selected teams
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Affina Team Journey

Improve performance across your organisation by giving your team leaders a practical 'tool-kit' they will value and enjoy
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Practitioner accreditation

Add ATPI team assessment to your skills portfolio as an OD lead or independent
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