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Team Coach

Team Coach

Tried and tested implementation approach for the Affina Team Journey

Team Coach brings together all the elements needed to ensure success in implementing team based working based on use of the Affina Team Journey, an online team assessment and development tool for team leaders to use with their teams.

How we work with you

We will:

  • Meet with you to develop a strategy and plan for developing team based working in your organisation – see Consultancy and Support.
  • Help you to identify participating teams and team leaders.
  • Help you to recruit the in-house staff who will support team leaders by becoming accredited team coaches* (usually OD leads or similar).
  • Provide training and accreditation for team coaches – see AOD Team Coach Accreditation Programme.
  • Provide your team coaches with all the materials they need to run introductory workshops with groups of team leaders – see NEW Team Journey Launchpad.
  • Help you to monitor and report on specific outcomes.

Select links or see below for details.

* For organisations with limited capacity to support teams in-house, we can also work directly with your team leaders – see Team Leader Workshop.

Consultancy and support

We will help you to identify the best way to embed the Affina Team Journey to achieve the organisation outcomes you want. A proactive planned approach has the greatest impact on performance outcomes.

That means:

  • defining objectives
  • looking at how success will be measured
  • gaining senior management commitment
  • designing a roll-out plan
  • identifying areas for highest ROI
  • linking the team journey to related programmes or interventions
  • identifying, recruiting, training and supporting in-house team coaches

AOD Team Coach Accreditation Programme

This exceptional three day fast-track programme equips each cohort of up to 18 staff with the knowledge and skills to work with teams and team leaders to improve and maintain performance.


We work with you to recruit, train and accredit your own staff as AOD Team Coaches. Because teams are supported in-house you can deliver rich development, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Team Coaches will be accredited to use the Affina Team Journey with teams at all levels in their own organisation or with their clients.

Which staff should you recruit to the programme?

  • Org Dev, L&D & HR Professionals
  • Service Improvement Professionals
  • Executive Coaches
  • Senior & Middle Managers
  • In fact anyone responsible for supporting team leaders in their ‘day job’

The only prerequisites are that your nominated coaches have an interest in team based working, are enthusiastic and able to commit to supporting team leaders through their team journeys.

Which topics are covered?

Your team coaches will learn how to support team leaders to:

  • describe the benefits of improved team working for service delivery
  • carry out an assessment of current and potential team effectiveness
  • develop a motivating team purpose or vision statement
  • agree clear shared team objectives
  • develop team and inter-team role clarity
  • increase involvement in decision making
  • establish effective communication processes and behaviours
  • encourage constructive debate between team members
  • develop effective inter-team and partnership working

Team Journey LaunchPad

Everything your team coaches need to run successful introductory workshops for team leaders

LaunchPad is a resource pack containing all the materials your team coaches need to run an introductory workshop, or series of workshops, with team leaders in your organisation – designed and structured for easy delivery, engagement and motivation.

Your team coaches can use these resources to introduce team leaders to their online team journey and help them take their teams through the 10-stage programme.

Inside the pack:

  • Workshop delivery plan
  • Professional slide deck
  • Session guidance
  • Tried and tested activities
  • Powerful video content
  • Facilitator case studies
  • Research familiarisation exercise

Team Coach Pricing

Team Coach is an inclusive package of consultancy, training, support and materials for organisations implementing team based working based on use of the Affina Team Journey.

POA, dependent upon your specific requirements and the number of participants per AOD Team Coach Accreditation Programme.

What’s included:

  • Consultancy and Support
  • AOD Team Coach Accreditation Programme(s)
    • up to 18 participants per cohort
    • introductory session plus 3 full days training across two modules
    • coaching and support for each participant
  • Team Journey Launchpad – unlimited use within the purchasing organisation
  • 2 x Affina Team Journey logins per team coach
  • Discounts on additional Affina Team Journeys

Call us on 01252 727270 to discuss the specific challenges facing your organisation.

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