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Team Leader Workshop

Team Leader Workshop

1.5 day introduction to the principles and practice of team development based on the Affina Team Journey

For organisations with limited capacity to support teams in-house through the Team Coach programme, we work directly with your team leaders through our Team Leader Workshop.

This 1.5 day programme will introduce team leaders to the evidence, principles and practice of team development. Not only will they enjoy two practical, lively and relevant learning sessions, they’ll also have access to the Affina Team Journey – a comprehensive online ‘tool-kit’ for improving the team’s performance.

Programme: AOD Team Leader Workshop
Tool: Affina Team Journey
Aimed at: Team Leaders
Duration: 1.5 days
Certification: n/a

This course is for anyone who:

  • leads a team or a number of teams
    and the team is
  • newly-formed or the leader is new to team leadership, or
  • working well but the leader wants to increase effectiveness even further, or
  • undergoing change, needs to develop new ways of working or needs to innovate

Team leaders will learn how to:

  • Match their leadership approach to the needs of the shifting context and the team
  • Assess the current and potential effectiveness of the team using the evidence-based Affina Real Team Profile Plus (ARTP+)
  • Clarify the team’s purpose
  • Agree appropriate team objectives
  • Develop role clarity within the team and with other teams
  • Improve team decision making
  • Increase the effectiveness of intra- and inter-team communication
  • Create a culture of constructive debate and innovation

Programme structure:

Before the workshop

One hour online exercise

Review the dimensions of team effectiveness and the research upon which this knowledge is based.

Workshop part 1

One day highly interactive introductory workshop

Join a group of fellow leaders who are committed to improving team working and eager to support each other in their team development journeys. Learn about the Affina Team Journey.

Back in the leader’s organisation

Lead the team through the first stages of the Affina Team Journey

Research shows that teams develop best when they are actually working together. Team leaders guide their teams through a series of work-based activities to develop team effectiveness. Nothing that they do on this journey will be an ‘add-on’ to their day job – all activities are routine tasks carried out by the most effective team leaders.

Workshop part 2

Half day supportive review workshop

Share and learn from others as the group meets again to share experiences in guiding teams through the early stages of the Affina Team Journey. Emphasis will be placed on the ARTP+ assessment.

Programme faculty:

Check our team profiles for more information: Claire Harris, Michele White, Lynn Markiewicz, and Su Fowler-Johnson

Claire HarrisMichele WhiteLynn MarkiewiczSu Fowler-Johnson

Dates and Fees

To run this workshop in your own organisation, or for your clients, please contact us for available dates.


  • One full day and one half day workshop
  • One free Affina Team Journey to use with your team (valid for 2 years)
  • Comprehensive participant materials to support use of the Affina Team Journey
  • Refreshments and light lunches


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