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Team Leadership

This extended in-house programme provides team leaders with opportunities to review their working style and to adapt this where appropriate to a team based working environment. Ongoing support is provided through regular Action Learning Sets to enable team leaders to share their experiences of developing high performing teams through use of the Affina Team Journey.

Programme: AOD Team Leadership Programme
Tool: Affina Team Journey
Aimed at: Team Leaders
Duration: typically 5 days
Certification: n/a

The AOD Team Leadership Programme is a series of 4 to 6 tailored workshops based around a core set of exercises which have been created to enable team leaders to assess and develop their own and their team’s effectiveness. Additional material is included to meet specific organisational needs but the core elements remain:

  • Matching team leader style to team and organisational needs
  • Developing clarity of team identity and objectives
  • Ensuring alignment with organisational goals
  • Creating team synergy and role clarity
  • Maintaining staff engagement
  • Ensuring quality and innovation
  • Developing effective inter-team relationships

Typically we work with groups of 12 to 18 team leaders – ideally from connected areas of the organisation.

An example of our most popular model is the 5 day Leadership Programme:


Example 5-day programme for an acute NHS Trust

Team leaders attended four modules (five days) over a period of four months. In between modules they worked with team colleagues to develop effective team working and implement service improvements. This is an overview of the programme content.

– before the programme commences participants meet with their sponsoring manager to:

  • agree the outcomes that are expected from participation in the leadership programme for the service and for the individual participant

Module 1 – Leading High Performing Teams

  • creating effective learning environments
  • exploring leadership style and its impact on the performance of others
  • developing understanding of the dimensions of team effectiveness
  • developing skills to manage change
  • creating clear team identity
  • exploring ways to develop shared commitment to team objectives

 – between Modules 1 and 2 participants work with team colleagues to:

  • carry out an audit of team working effectiveness
  • create clear team identity
  • identify key inter-team dependencies
  • develop effective team climate
  • agree priority team objectives

Module 2 – Team Synergy and Performance Management

  • reviewing progress with personal and team development
  • developing performance standards and indicators
  • creating role clarity
  • facilitating effective meetings within and between teams

 – between Modules 2 and 3 participants work with team colleagues to:

  • agree relevant performance standards
  • develop increased role clarity within and between teams
  • develop understanding of the role of the team leader
  • improve the effectiveness of team or inter-team meetings

Module 3 – Developing Participation

  • reviewing progress with personal and team development
  • increasing influence in decision making
  • improving team and inter-team communication
  • managing conflict

– between Modules 3 and 4 participants work with team colleagues to:

  • improve decision making within their team
  • increase effective communication within their service area
  • plan to resolve any existing team conflicts

Module 4 – Maintaining Quality and Innovation

  • techniques for increasing creativity and innovation
  • managing quality improvement
  • developing influencing strategies
  • designing team development and maintenance strategies


Participant comments:

“The Leadership programme came at just the right time for our team – we were struggling with the difficulties of integrating social and health care processes, coupled with problems created by different base locations. This has helped us to clarify our priorities and develop effective processes which are helping us to be more effective and innovative.” 

Social Worker – Integrated Learning Disabilities Team

“I was initially sceptical about the usefulness of this programme – but it has given us an excellent opportunity to work with other teams to develop new ideas in a difficult time – I feel we are now part of one organisation with common goals.”

Senior Finance Manager – Shared Services Organisation

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