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We help you to build great teams

AOD works with health & social care organisations to improve performance through team based working

Helping your teams to improve performance is challenging and OD/HR professionals struggle with limited resources and constant change.

But the research is overwhelming, collective team based working is key to high quality and compassionate care.

That’s why our evidence-based team tools – ranging from a simple team assessment to cross-system team development – are designed to give your teams responsibility for development, with support provided in-house.

Teams gain new insights and actions they can apply immediately to keep improving and achieving their goals.


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Individual Team Development & Coaching

Improve team effectiveness through in-depth direct support of selected teams
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Affina Team Journey

Improve performance across your organisation by giving your team leaders a practical 'tool-kit' they will value and enjoy
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Practitioner accreditation

Add ATPI team assessment to your skills portfolio as an OD lead or independent
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Professor Michael West

Why Team Based Working? - watch our short video!

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    • Increasing the percentage of staff working in ‘real teams’ in acute hospitals in England is associated with a reduction of 3% in patient mortality.
    • Effective team working leads to higher levels of innovation in the delivery of patient care in primary care and community mental health teams.
    • Teams with clear team objectives, a commitment to learning and support for innovation have higher levels of patient satisfaction.
    • Good team working is associated with lower levels of errors, stress, injury, sickness absence, intention to quit and turnover, harassment and bullying from colleagues, and harassment and bullying from service users.
    • Good team working is associated with higher levels of staff satisfaction and engagement.

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