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Affina Real Team Profile Plus (ARTP+)

An easy-to-use, robust and affordable tool for assessing individual or multiple teams

The way we think about managing and developing people in the workplace is evolving. More and more organisations are improving outcomes by focusing on team development as well as individual performance.

The Affina Real Team Profile Plus is an online assessment tool for measuring team effectiveness.

Affina Real Team Profile Plus

A clear, visual report indicates how the team is working and in which key areas it needs to develop.

The ARTP+ is firmly based on leading global research into what we know about high performing teams – exactly the type of evidence base you’d expect from a well-established tool, used extensively in healthcare settings.

Designed for teams of all types and at all levels, the ARTP+ is a great resource for organisations and independent facilitators wanting to target team development work. It is also used with large numbers of teams to provide information about team working across an organisation.

What are the essential characteristics of successful teams – and do your teams have them?

The ARTP+ measures the seven structural features that are essential for the establishment of ‘real teams’:

  • team identity
  • team contribution
  • team autonomy
  • team objectives
  • team member interdependence
  • team member role clarity
  • team leader clarity

and the six process dimensions that are predictive of basic team success:

  • team communication
  • team focus on quality
  • team innovation
  • team reflexivity
  • lack of team conflict
  • inter-team working

How it works

  • Easy to administer – register your teams online whenever convenient
  • Takes team members just 5 minutes to complete the online questionnaire
  • The one page team report provides a clear description of the areas in which team members need to focus development
  • Cost-effective for use with large numbers of teams – just £60 per team (discounts available for large scale administrations)
  • Sub-group reports – £20 per sub-group
  • Organisational level reports can be created to show the extent and potential effectiveness of teams across the whole organisation, across directorates, service areas or within partnerships

Good times to use the ARTP+

  • Following organisational change and restructuring to ensure that newly formed teams have the essential foundations in place to achieve high performance;
  • When the organisation needs to survey large areas to assure future performance and highlight areas of potential difficulty before they become performance issues.


Our pricing is designed to support you in using our tools at scale:

/ per team

Affina Real Team Profile Plus (ARTP+)


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Training is not essential but to explore the evidence base behind the tool and use it effectively, join our AOD Team Assessment Accreditation Programme.

For organisations with limited capacity, we also work directly with teams, taking care of the design and delivery of the intervention and outcomes, from start to finish. See Individual Team Development and Coaching.


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